About Us 

We are both from the so-called baby-boomer generation, born in the year 1949.  Steve is a native-born West Australian, a breed which is surprisingly rare in Western Australia!  Chris was born in London and relocated to Australia with her family at the age of 16 - reluctantly at the time, but she has seen the light (quite literally), and wouldn't live anywhere else now.

We have both spent more years than we care to think about working in what is now called Information Technology.  Back then it was all a bit mysterious, but now of course it is ubiquitous, and most of the people in the business are about a third of our age.  Most of them are only dimly aware (or even totally unaware) that there were once serious computers that didn't  run Microsoft Windows, and most have never known a world without the Internet.  For the last twenty-five years or so we have operated as a software consultancy, just the two of us, mainly doing software design and development for a small number of long-term clients.

Our art and craft activities are an effort to counter the left-brain bias of our working careers.  Actually that's only partly true - the design of computer software is a very nice amalgam of art and science, and there is no doubt that well-designed software can be elegant, and yes, even beautiful.  Combine that with the fact that it is also doing something useful (well usually anyway), and you can begin to see what has kept us interested for so long.

Chris's interest in art started as a new year resolution in the year 2000, and has since expanded to occupy a large slice of her life - not to mention the house.  Steve  came back from the trip to Greece in 2001 (see the Photography page) with a conviction that photography was something he could do, and do well.  In both cases it was the start of a learning process that still continues.  What we haven't  learnt yet is how to generate much income from these things (which would be nice), but we're working on it.