About Steve and Chris Marshall, Marshall Arts 

We're artists living in Perth, Western Australia, both baby-boomers inspired by nature and the world around us. Steve is a native-born West Australian, a breed which is surprisingly rare in Western Australia!  Chris was born in London and relocated to Australia with her family at the age of 16 - reluctantly at the time but she wouldn't live anywhere else now.

We have both spent more years than we care to think about working in what is now called Information Technology.  Back in the early years (and that's the 1960s and 1970s) it was all a bit mysterious, but now of course it is ubiquitous.Technology rules our lives and many people have never known a world without the entire web being instantly available on their latest device.

Our art and craft activities were originally an effort to counter the left-brain bias of our working careers. Actually that's only partly true - the design of computer software is a very nice amalgam of art and science, and there is no doubt that well-designed software can be elegant, and yes, even beautiful. Combine that with the fact that the software is also doing something useful (well usually anyway), and you can begin to see what kept us interested for so long.

Chris's art journey started as a new year resolution for the year 2000; it totally changed her life. Her first teacher took his students out and about, to a different location each week. He taught Chris to see like an artist, to look, really, really look and observe things like lines, colour, shapes, shadows, reflections etc everywhere in the world around her. She did and her whole world looked different!. He also taught her to feel the colours and told her to immerse herself in art. She did that too and was involved with management of a local Community Arts Centre and Gallery for 20 years (while still doing a bit of IT work). Now she's moved on but remains totally convinced that everyone benefits from cultural and creative activities, connecting with nature and being part of a supportive community. Find out more about Chris and her art

Steve came back from an art/photography trip to Greece in 2001 with a conviction that photography was something he could do, and maybe do well. Learn more about Steve's photography and his book.


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