an intuitive exploration of markmaking, colour and texture; "abstract expressionism" if it must have a label.

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"Chris’ work oozes the expressive qualities of the Modernist approach to representation.…. Layer upon layer, with vibrant use of colour, painterly techniques and collage, Chris responds and interprets Nature. Recycled materials and a myriad of textures confront and excite us ... " from Camilla Loveridge's Opening Speech for the Mandjar Blues Exhibition at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (a collaboration with Debra Scidone).

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Mixed Media paintings inspired by Ningaloo Reef by Chris Marshall Perth WA Shaped by Nature Series of mixed media paintings by Chris Marshall Perth WA Nature Walks  Out of the Pindan series of mixed media paintings by Chris Marshall Perth WAOther nature-inspired paintings

Ningaloo       Full Series (13)       For Sale (5)
My intuitive artworks are often inspired by the mysterious underwater world of the incredible but fragile Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth in Western Australia; the flashes of light, the strange shapes which you can imagine as all sorts of things maybe watching you and the beautiful, twinkling colours ... we are passionate about protecting Ningaloo

Shaped by Nature    Full Series (14)    For Sale (11)
I keep coming back to the concept of nature as a sculptor. I'm fascinated by the way time, tide, weather etc form an everchanging landscape - the amazing shapes, colours, abstracts of the natural world. In these semi-abstract artworks I'm interpreting nature's processes rather than portraying a scene.

Nature Walks (and short tours)   Full Series (12)    For Sale (11)
These artworks are inspired by the specific places that are mentioned in their descriptions. Slowing down and really becoming part of nature has always been my way of regeneration - I talk about listening to the sounds of silence but in reality you get such a heightened awareness of all your senses.

Current Project, "Out of the Pindan"   Take a sneak peak at the story so far 
My current project is exploring the way that the red oxide pindan soil of the ancient arid/tropical Kimberley Coast erodes and breaks up revealing incredible new landforms emerging. I'm obsessed with it and talk about it as "landscapes being born". Water causes deep crevices to appear and you often see bright green creepers in these, causing even more damage. The relentless movement of the huge tides reaching up then falling back down, constantly undercutting and eroding the soil means that the bottom part looks very different to the top. In this series I'm emulating natures processes in sculpting the landscape. I'm wanting artworks to be semi-abstract but look very organic with major signs of erosion and instability caused by the the forces of nature (rain, wind, scrubby vegetation and constant movement of the sea).

Other nature inspired paintings  Current and significant sold works (13)    For Sale (9)


View ABSTRACT Paintings

These pure abstracts are more challenging for the viewer. They are generally artworks that kind of flow out of me and I am just the conduit following the painting (very exciting for me but please don't ask "what is it?"). You may see transient things in these (but not necessarily what I see!)


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Images of many of my artworks are available on our print store on Imagekind in the US. This includes many sold artworks that are not on this website (unless they are part of a series or are of particular significance to me). If the artwork is here, you can click the  icon on the decription to go directly to it on IK. They offer worldwide shipping on a range of surfaces and sizes and will frame your print if you want. It's really good fun using their tools to see the possibilities ❤️



I generally use acrylics and acrylic inks in my mixed-media paintings as I love their versatility and all the mediums available plus they dry quickly. Each work includes painted parts that are really thin, washy and self-levelling through to a few thick, impasto parts that hold marks well. I sometimes start with an overall concept in mind but I let the painting evolve, trusting and enjoying my intuitive journey. I have fun mixing my media, creating "something" out of "nothing" and particularly enjoy recycling things from my everyday life onto my artworks eg fabrics, completed cryptic crosswords, used paper bags etc.

I put a lot of effort into my first, exploratory layers. I often begin by looking round the garden to see what I could use as mark-making tools.and if there are any interesting shapes that jump out at me (this may be a shape plus it's shadow). I also get together what I might use to create interest and texture in the ground (different mediums, potential collage items and a range of applicators). I select 3 colours that just feel right for this journey.

My first marks are gestural using different media, tools and viscosities on a flat surface, I'm creating an interesting, textured ground (often including recycled collage materials from my everyday life). I try and get plenty of movement and intrigue into the work right from the start.

I love watching paint dry! Weird huh? So the first layer can end up really wet. I'll stare at it for ages watching what is happening as the different colours and viscosities start interacting. I'll feel where I can make adjustments - extra marks, tilting the work this way and that to create flows, putting something over a section to create texture, dropping some ink into the middle of an area to create some darks, sopping up some of the liquid with a tissue then using that to make marks somewhere else. I'm way off inside my head so don't ask me what I'm doing! Then I leave it all to completely dry, possibly overnight, possibly longer.

I love to let the artwork flow out of me whilst using my design experience to balance colour and form and create contrasts and tension within the painting whenever the chance arises. I build up multiple layers in conversation with the painting, adding, subtracting, sanding, glazing, remaining open to the possibilities that appear in the process, whilst leaving some of the history visible.

I've discovered over time that my most creative works happen when I really listen to the painting rather than relying on my previous experience.

I  work on my paintings all four ways and often the finished work can be viewed from any direction. Many people will see transient figures or stories in my paintings as I leave room for the viewer to interpret the artwork their way. I understand that everyone sees things differently based on their life experience, interests, mood, health, the weather etc ...

Often the finished artworks have more than one hanger on them so you can make the final decision which way up they go! Please contact me if you have any questions.

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