Hi, I'm Chris Marshall, an Australian expressive mixed-media artist

I use my intuition to create art straight from my soul. I love expressive markmaking, colour, texture and observing the world around me. I have fun with my art, love to experiment and let my art flow from deep within me so every artwork is absolutely unique with something of me in it.

Most of the artworks that I exhibit and sell are
abstract acrylic or mixed media/collage paintings

or prints of my digital art.

I also exhibit and sell "Frags" (interesting little fragments of some mixed media / collage paintings, photographed and printed on small acrylic blocks). These are now available globally through our RedBubble store These popular little blocks make intriguing gifts and don't need hanging space.

Although I choose to create abstract art, I am always in awe of nature as an artist/sculptor. Steve and I enjoy travelling and becoming part of nature; I love to observe, photograph and/or sketch things that catch my eye


I am looking for their essence, what was it about them that caught my eye in the first place. All these observations inform my markmaking and the eventual look of my artworks.


In early 2021, I decided to focus on my own art (instead of organising other people). Click for my previous CV

 We've converted our spare room into a studio - my sacred, happy space filled with inspiration. I've totally forgotten my previous life!

I'm absolutely loving having both the time and brainspace to be creative every day. I've done heaps of soul searching and decided that my art has to reflect my life and what I believe in, so I'm trusting my intuition while doing my best to live a simple life that contributes to saving the planet! My creative mantra is #RecycleRepurposeReuse.

I thought I'd miss talking art with people as I did for 20 years, so I'm documenting my creative journey on Instagram. I guess I'm looking for my art tribe and hoping to inspire others to get in touch with their creativity and connect (reconnect?) with nature. You can follow our daily posts here.

Please checkout my paintings and/or digital art and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or see something you would like to purchase. If you are in Perth WA, you can arrange to visit the studio and view the many artworks that we have displayed throughout our house.

I am registered as an artist with the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists managed by Gallery247I'm gradually registering my individual images and if they are on canvas, I'm offering them for sale on Gallery247. If an image is registered you can click on the text in the image description to go to it on their website thus verifying the artwork is mine to sell. If you purchase one of my artworks, I can provide you with one of their registration/authentication certificates.

A few of my artworks and Steve's photos are available on a huge array of products at RedBubble (this is brand new and we are building it up. Please take a look; you'll be amazed!). We believe that everyone benefits from having art in their lives but not necessarily everyone wants to purchase a formal artwork to hang on their wall. Where an artwork (or part of it)  on this website is available on RB products, you can click the Red Bubble icon icon in the description and it will take you directly to that design.

Prints of some of my paintings, digital art and photos are available on our print store on the ImageKind print on demand service in the USA (this was setup several years ago and I am currently reviewing it). Where a print of an artwork you see on this website is available on ImageKind, you can click the Red Bubble icon icon in the description and it will take you directly to it.


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